Denim Jean therapy:

- Waist in up to three and a half sizes 

- Convert wide legs into straight legs

- Shorten hems, original tricky hem, chain 

- Chain stitch finish

- Replace zippers 

- Repair worn and ripped areas

- Convert to trendy jeans 

Alteration services & Prom dresses

- Take in at shoulders, sides in

- Shorten hems

- Take in at zipper

- Replace broken zippers

- Shorten at waist

- Taper armholes, with or without sleeves.

Tuxedos, suits, & Sport jackets:

- Shorten or lengthen sleeves

- Sides and blades in 

- Shorten coat length 

- Shoulder recut

- Replace linings

Leather jackets:

- Shorten sleeves, with zipper or straps 

- Sides in

- Replace zippers, snaps 

- Shorten jacket length 

- Sew on patches on thick leather jackets 

- Replace worn linings 

Slacks, skirts , blouses , vest, shirts:

+ vast variety of garment alterations and reconstruction - just ask!