GOYO, A.K.a Greg Garcia

Greg is a friendly spirit born with a natural gift of sewing. The second oldest child of six, Greg's five sisters kept life lively in his home growing up. While none of his sisters gravitated to sewing, he came about it in a happenstance way. 

As a teenager, Greg took a sales job in a department store. The store had a tailor on staff and when things were slow, the tailor would work on his own incredible projects making beautiful garments. Greg was facinated with this man's talent and would always sneak into the back to watch him work. Eventually, Greg was fired for being more interested in sewing than sales. But the experience ignited his passion for sewing and soon got his own machine and started making garments and discovered his innate talent.

He quickly secured an apprenticeship with an traditional tailor where he learned to make button holes by hand, where every single stitch is the same, and not machine-made. 

Those who are attracted to high-quality work will appreciate Greg's talent. Instead of quick fixes or loose alterations, he lovingly recreates clothing, tailored for the client's ideal fit. All of his work is pristine, finished with a craftsman quality that some would say is a dying art. 

He now offers concierge tailoring and alterations to the greater Austin area.